Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lab 6: Centripetal Force And Torque

David Bednar Physics 2A Laboratory Report Lab 6: sensory(a) withdraw and Torque Newtons 2nd jurisprudence (Fnet = ma) applies for the case of analogous aviator motion where the object is acted upon by a cast directed to the center of the circular motion, the sensory(a) jam. The net force Fnet = mac = m (v2/r), where M is the mickle being rotated, v is its tangential velocity, and r is the radius of the circular motion, and the direction is given(p) by the direction ac. Like ac, the net-F is center-seeking. This direction is referred to as the corroboratory radial direction or the +r-direction In element 1 of this experiment, we whirled a rubber wad over our heads and enter the metre it took for 10 rotations victimisation a stopwatch 15 times. We mensural the average time and ideal deviation using Excel. We employ Newtons 2nd law to forecast the period, the stopper potbelly, the radius, and the acceleration due to gravity. We drew a corporate trust musica l interval to show that our measurements were inconsistent. | Time (T) [s]| Texp (T/# of revolutions(10)) [s]| 1| 5.42 s| 0.547 s| 2| 5.27 s| 0.527 s| 3| 4.86 s| 0.486 s| 4| 5.28 s| 0.528 s| 5| 5.05 s| 0.505 s| 6| 5.33 s| 0.533 s| 7| 4.92 s| 0.492 s| 8| 5.29 s| 0.529 s| 9| 5.16 s| 0.516 s| 10| 5.11 s| 0.511 s| 11| 5.16 s| 0.
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516 s| 12| 5.20 s| 0.520 s| 13| 5.21 s| 0.521 s| 14| 5.13 s| 0.513 s| 15| 5.31 s| 0.531 s| | | | condom stopper mass [mr] = 8.2 gRadius of circle [r] = 0.4633 mWeight mass = [m] = 50.1 g| | Tavg = 0.518 s?T = .0152 sTexpt = 0.518 s ± .0152 s| | | Tthy = .5 541 s V = 5.255 m/s2| Our average time wa! s approximately 2.374 standard deviations from the divinatory time. In analysis, we consider our results non consistent with the theoretical time. Sources of error could be our timing, counting of revolutions, the circular path non remaining swimming to the ground, as well as not keeping the render still. Ideally, if the lab was...If you want to get a full essay, stage it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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